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Construction & Restoration

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T and D construction DBA Sustainable Solutions Services

Environmentally Responsible: As a Company and Individuals we engage in recycling practices. Being aware of the impact we have on the environment, every effort is made to be responsible with all materials we demolish and remove. E.G. when a concrete driveway is removed we separate the concrete  clean from any other materials that are non recyclable so it can be transported  to the proper recycling yard.

Quality construction -  Embracing an organic approach to functional design.




our team - passionate about what we do

With more than 20 years of  experience combined. We embrace our roles, striving to surpass  clients expectations in design, quality , service and value.

  • Valter Bautista - Designer /  Client Relations                                 
  • Karl Windinwood -  Sales 
  • David Saks - Hardscape Consultant
  • Ryan Kimberling - Hardscape Consultant
  • Trinidad Delgadillo - Builder / BobcatOperator /Crew Management.
  • Mr. Delgadillo has been in the construction industry for over 20 years   and obtained his California Contractors License in 2008. He has installed, well over 3 million square feet  of Paving Stones in the residential market and commercial sector.  He holds a certificate

             from the NCMA association.

  • Lic #1003171
  • InterLocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certification
  • The National Concrete Masonry Association Certification