Neglected Paving System  Brought back to looking new

Due to excessive vehicular traffic and pedestrian flow, and just like any other hardscape material such as concrete or asphalt,  Paving Stones require maintenance. The great advantage to a paving system is that regardless of the issue at hand, repairs can be achieved seamlessly. Unlike concrete or asphalt, if an area experiences any type of underground settling or surface damage,  the only way to address it is to saw cut, remove the cut area and fix the problem. Concrete or asphalt never match the adjoining surfaces when replaced, resulting in patched areas that are commonly seen in public places and private residences. One of the great  advantages to a Paving System is that, each stone can be lifted up individually. Allowing for repairs to be performed, and facilitating the replacement of damaged stones. With this process we are able to maintain the continuity of the system as if there had never been issue.

From years in the paving industry we realize the need of Paving System repairs  and maintenance. While most companies choose not too engage in this aspect of the business, we thrive on servicing property management companies, business park owners and landlords.

We offer the following services :

  1. Repair of Commercial and Retail Paving Stones Areas:
  • A)Paving System sinking - Caused by ground settling - voids in the ground - poor compaction
  • B)Loose Paving Stones -  Caused by poor Installation  - ground settling
  • C)Separation in the System - Caused by excessive moisture penetration - Broken Bond Beam
  • D)Broken Pavers - Replacement of Damaged and Stained Stones
  • F) Inspection and Resolution - High and low spots in the system due to poor installation or underground water leak
  • G)Bond Beam Separation - Broken Concrete border - concrete not mixed properly or border poured too thin
  • H)Tree Roots - lifting up system - Unzip system, cut roots
  • I)Excessive weed growth - due to loss of sand causing dust and soil build up
  • J)Extremely heavy vehicular traffic areas -  Ex.. Trash Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Buses.

Over twenty years of combined experienced, we have seen it all. Once we arrive on site for an evaluation,  we strategized an immediate plan of action. Assess the proper solutions and expedite a priority schedule for the repairs in order.  Working together we determine a convenient non business hour, or perform the work at nite maintaining the normal flow of business,  traffic, retail and commercial hours of operations.

     2. Restoration of Commercial / Retail Paving Stones and Schedule Maintenance

  • We offer a complete maintenance package to maintain the paving systems looking beautiful and take care of any issues related to wear or caused by accidents. Ex. Major oil leaks, food stains, water run  off, sprinkler over spray.
  • Our restoration process consists of several steps  bringing hardscape surfaces back to the standards of well maintained properties.
  • Hot water / Steam Pressure Wash @ 4000psi
  • Spot treat stains - remove gum or any other accidental spilled liquids such as oil, etc etc
  • Blow out Dust/Soil build up from sand joins with single nozzle high pressure
  • Apply new sand joint to entire paving system
  • Apply Polymeric Sand in Paving Systems that require the application
  • Flood/saturate entire system with joint sand stabilizing sealer

Give us a call or email us  with any questions. We are glad and ready to perform a site evaluation of your commercial / retail property. . Weather a small issue that needs immediate attention or new construction of grand scale. We have the capabilities of installing  70,000 square feet over 30days with a a crew of skilled masonry craftsman and Stone Paver installers.

 Commercial / Retail  Ground Maintenance  Of Paving Stones  and Concrete Restoration

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